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charity evans


Hi, I’m Charity! I have a passion for doing what I do because I strongly believe that your environment matters. Your home impacts your everyday life so it’s important to be intentional with what goes in it.

I focus on creating environments for my clients, because how your space makes you feel is invaluable. There’s an art to creating a space that gives you a certain feeling when you walk in and that feeling is what will be most impactful to yourself, your children, and your guests.

I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design from Missouri State University and have acquired over 5 years of working experience. This experience includes employment at Marc-Michaels, a high end interior design firm in Orlando, Fl, and 3 years of owning my own interior design business. During this time I have completed over 45 projects, ranging from entire multi-million dollar homes to small-scale, one room projects. The scope, style, and process of each project has varied greatly, leaving me with more knowledge to apply to the next job.

What else do I care about outside of interior design? God, my fiancé Tyler, and my plants. I rely heavily on my faith for making business decisions. I can undoubtedly say that all of my successes have been because of God and my willingness to trust His plan for my life. My fiancé Tyler is my everyday support. He has turned my “anything is possible” mentality into “no seriously, anything is possible”. He picks up in the areas I lack and together we’ve been able to accomplish just about anything we set out to do. Lastly, my plants ;). This is a hobby of mine that I’ve found to be a great stress reliever. It’s fascinating to me to watch them grow over time and I love incorporating plants into my home and the homes of my clients.