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The Company

Refine Studios is a full service interior design company. We handle your entire project from start to finish including the design concept, sourcing/purchasing materials and furnishings, contractor meetings, project management, and installation. We do all the work for you to make sure your design project goes as smoothly as possible. We also offer our services separately for clients who prefer to do some of the work themselves. All services require an in home consultation to begin.

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charity evans

The Owner

Charity’s passion for interior design started at a young age and has continued to grow throughout the years. With her father being a builder Charity had the opportunity to go out to the job sites with him and observe the projects he was working on. She was always so fascinated by what he did. She loved the entire process of it – from looking at the floor plans, to seeing the paint go on the walls, and every step in between. Seeing a house complete was the most satisfying part to her and inspired her to think of all the possibilities. As a young girl she was constantly repainting her own room, rearranging furniture, or sometimes she would even sit in the backyard and design the whole thing in her head. Her passion continues to grow each day as she learns more and more about design. Charity knew since she was 14 that she wanted to be an interior designer. Since then she has been working towards making that happen. She attended Missouri State University where she obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design. After graduation she took a job at Marc-Michaels in Winter Park, Florida working on high-end residential projects. During her time at Marc-Michaels she had the opportunity to work on projects in Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Miami, Manalapan, Cayman Islands, New York, and Aspen. Working on projects across the nation exposed Charity to several different lifestyles and challenged her to work with each client’s unique style. Although this job was a great opportunity, Charity had dreams of starting her own company. In 2016 Charity moved back to Missouri and began taking on her own projects, then in January of 2017 she opened up the design studio and retail store.

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