Your Environment Matters: People

We are so excited to kick off our new series all about our Design Pillars here at Refine Studios! At Refine Studios, our main focus is creating environments that are completely tailored to our client’s individual needs. We believe that there are 10 pillars that make up your environment, when your needs are met in each of these pillars your quality of life is improved. These pillars help us to curate our clients’ designs and ensure that we are keeping their needs and priorities top of mind throughout the process! Having the power to create your own environment in a way that improves your quality of life is one of the most underutilized abilities in my opinion.

Your home environment is the one place where you are in complete control. YOU get to decide, who is in this space? What do you hear in this space? What do you smell in this space? What belongings are in this space? How does this space flow? What’s the lighting like in this space? What’s the temperature in this space? How well does this space withstand everyday use? How does this space connect with its surroundings? Lastly, what does this space look like? You get to determine all of those things.

We are often in environments that we don’t have control over. You go to work and it’s too cold in the office so you freeze all day long. The restaurant you pick for dinner is too loud to have a conversation. The hotel room you booked for vacation has a weird smell. These are all things that impact your overall experience! If it all matches your personal preferences then most likely you’re going to enjoy yourself that much more but how often does that happen? Almost never because what creates an optimal environment for one person, isn’t ideal for another. Let’s dive into our first pillar today!

 Design Pillar: People

This is the most important factor in your environment. You may have heard the saying home isn’t a place, it’s a person and that’s because most of the time that feeling of home comes from your people. Who is in it, whether it’s everyday or just occasionally, is going to have the biggest impact on your life. You can be walking into a multi-million dollar home that adds zero value to your life if you’re surrounded by the wrong people. On the flip side, that studio apartment could be your favorite place to be, with the right people. Of course we can’t help you choose these people, but we can bring awareness and design your space in a way that will promote interaction. It’s also important that we understand your desired lifestyle. If you wish to open your home to guests, the design will not only need to accommodate your entertainment needs but the needs of frequent guests as well. There is so much value in having a space to create memories with your loved ones. 

At Refine Studios we all value our people more than anything we could put in our homes.

How People Influence Our Team’s Environments

Charity Scott | Owner + Designer: 

There is nothing better than shutting work off at the end of the day and spending the evening with these two. The minute they walk in the door, the atmosphere completely changes for me. The laughter that fills our home is what creates a peaceful and loving environment. 

Casey | Project Manager:

My people are my home. I’m most happy when we are all together and my husband and I can sit back and watch our three kids grow into their unique and fun personalities. Weekends at home playing outside all day- that’s our favorite!

Jada | Interior Detailer:

Especially since I work remotely from home every day, my fiance Eli is who really makes our apartment feel more like a home instead of just an office where I work all day. When we’re together at the end of the day, the whole apartment feels more lively, fun, and like a home again. We are also constantly spending time with our friends, so having a space to invite them over for game nights makes our space feel so cozy and full, like the family time a home is meant to have.

Kaitlynn | Design Assistant: 

These people are the ones that make me feel better when we’re around each other! The ones that I look forward to seeing, and the ones that make any excuse to see each other again. These people are the ones that always make me laugh and have the best stories to tell. When we’re together our environment is lighter and more relaxed because we are together!

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