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Full Service Includes:

Floor Plan

REMODEL: A floor plan is drawn from field measurements taken during the consultation. This is necessary for space planning, furniture plans, or moving walls.

NEW CONSTRUCTION: I work with you on the layout of your home during the planning stages of your project. Things such as traffic flow, furniture layout, outlet placement, and window placement are all taken into account.

Interior Detailing

I create detailed elevation drawings to communicate intended design. These are necessary for any walls that have elements affixed to your home such as built-in cabinetry, bathroom vanities, fireplace detail, or tile work. They are also helpful for showing scale and placement for wall decor.

Material Selections

I select all materials for your project such as flooring, paint color, countertops, backsplash, cabinetry, hardware, lighting, wallpaper, etc. Project budget, durability, practicality, and overall aesthetic are all taken into account when making these selections.

Furniture Plan

I scale in and arrange furniture on plan for you to see and approve prior to purchasing. This ensures that your furniture is arranged in a way that creates good traffic flow and functions for how you use your space. This also serves as a shopping guide when selecting furniture.

Furniture Selections

I make furniture selections based on your price range, timeline, personal style, and intended use for the space. Custom furniture design is available for those looking for unique, one-of-kind pieces tailored to their lifestyle.

Softgoods Design

I select all softgoods for your home including bedding, pillows, drapery, or any other fabrics necessary for your project. Custom designs are available for a unique, one-of-a-kind look tailored to your lifestyle.

Project Management

I schedule all contracted work, receive estimates, and meet with sub contractors on your behalf. This ensures that all designs are clearly communicated and work is scheduled in the appropriate order.

Accessory Shopping

I shop for all accessories for your home. Items such as throw pillows, accent throws, wall decor, table lamps, floor lamps, and table decor are placed in your home on installation day. You will have the option to return any items you don’t see fit for the space. This allows you to see everything put together in your home and styled properly.


This service is key to giving you the full experience. All furniture and accessories are shipped to me, inspected, and stored until installation day. On installation day all furniture is delivered, set up, arranged, and styled for you. This gives you the wow factor to walk into and see your project complete.


Pricing varies depending on the scope and scale of your project. I require a new project consultation before I can provide you with an accurate estimate for design services.

New Project Consultation:

All full service design projects begin with a new project consultation. This consists of me meeting with you in your home, taking pictures and measurements of the space, and discussing the scope of the project. From there I would be able to recommend which services would be necessary for your project and provide you with an estimate. The new project consultation fee is $100.

If your home is a new build the new project consultation would consist of me meeting with you to review architectural plans and discuss my involvement in the project. From there I would be able to provide you an estimate. The consultation fee for new construction is $50.

*Please note the new project consultation is different than a consulting appointment. No design advice is given during a new project consultation.

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