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This historic loft space was designed with a tight budget and vintage look in mind. However, there was limited space to work with. The bedroom does not have a closet so I created what I consider to be a boutique style closet on the wall. Clothes were organized and hung on the wall in a way that you might see in a boutique clothing store. This is functional without being an eyesore. The hexagon shelf on the wall serves as a nightstand because there is limited space next to the bed between the wall and the door. The chandelier was from another client’s home and was going to be disposed of. However, it just so happened to mix with the style of this room perfectly. For the large wall hanging I used $2 fabric, some yarn to create tassels, and attached it to a wooden dowel. The total cost was $6. Several plants and an oversized cactus painting help bring this space to life. The decor gives it a cozy feeling that can sometimes be hard to achieve in a loft space.

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