Your Environment Matters: Scent

Week by week we’ve been taking you all through the design pillars here at Refine Studios. We use these pillars as the basis for curating our client’s designs to fit their needs for their space! No two clients are the same and everything from the people, flow, sound, lighting, and much more impact a space. Using these ten pillars as the guidelines really ensures that we are transforming a house into a home for our clients so that they’ll be excited to walk in the door. Today we’re sharing all about our “scent” design pillar!  This is definitely one of the nostalgic pillars that likely everyone has a scent that reminds them of home, so it’s a fun one that often fosters a beautiful conversation with our clients. Let’s dive in!

One of the first things you notice when walking into a space is the scent. This largely impacts the overall experience you have in the space. It’s proven that scent can influence your mood. Certain scents may even send you back in time to a specific memory. When I think back on places I’ve visited,  the first thing I remember is how it smelled. Typically places that had a pleasant smell are tied to positive memories. We love to improve a space through the use of scent. Our goal is to create a signature scent for each of our clients’ homes that make it feel comforting and personalized. There are many different ways to infuse scent into your home but it’s also important to block certain odors as well. Understanding our clients scent preferences and aversions upfront helps us to find products for them that enhance their environment. 

Our team’s favorite scents that remind them of home

Charity Scott | Owner + Designer: 

I’m really sensitive to smell, so strong fragrances tend to give me a headache.  When it comes to beauty products I always prefer unscented. I also despise the smell of air freshener sprays. When I do find a scent that I love I don’t forget it. My all time favorite scent is the scent at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. It’s called asian lily and it’s a fresh, light floral scent that gives such a luxurious feel. I will never forget the first time I walked into the hotel and smelled that refreshing scent!

Casey | Project Manager:

I don’t love heavy scents that overpower a space. I prefer lighter, happy and fresh notes. I would say the majority of the time our home probably smells like a coffee shop though, we keep that espresso machine working full time!

Jada | Interior Detailer:

Ever since getting an essential oil diffuser in college, those have been my favorite scents to use in my space. I love how they’re clean and you can match the scent with what’s happening in the day! For example, orange & mint for doing chores, eucalyptus & rosemary for working, or lavender & chamomile for winding down. There’s also nothing better than when it’s a nice day out and you can open all the windows and let the smell of the fresh air in, it always reminds me of being home as a kid in the summer.

Kaitlynn | Design Assistant: 

I have recently become a scent fanatic. So with that, I’m a sucker when it comes to buying something that smells good. One of my favorite items for making your place smell good is the Pura Air Freshener. I love the Pura because all of their scents are created with clean ingredients and are safe for kids and pets. My favorite scent from Pura for my home is Vanilla Chiffon. They even just came out with a car diffuser, so you know I had to order one of those, too!

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