Scott Project: Casen’s Big Boy Room!

Last September my son, Casen turned two! We decided to transition him from his nursery to a toddler bedroom (aka: his big boy room!). This can be a big change for a toddler so my goal was to make this transition as exciting as possible for him. 

Tyler (my husband) owns an excavation company so naturally Casen is fascinated with all of his big equipment. Making the decision to have a CAT-themed room was a no-brainer. BUT, I wanted to ensure we were doing it in such a way that we would be able to easily change the theme as he gets older. We want to make your child’s room fun and exciting for them but also don’t want to completely remodel as their interests change!

I came up with the idea to create a large scale sign of his name to resemble the Caterpillar logo. Thanks to a wonderful graphic designer and a client with a vinyl sign printer, I was able to achieve this.

My original idea was to have this painted on his entire bed wall but the cost to do that steered me in a different direction. This sign just sticks to the wall so when we decide to change out the theme, all we have to do is peel it off. My future self is thanking me already!

This queen-size canopy bed worked well for a few different reasons. It’s very low to the ground which makes it easier for him to get in and out of. The bed is also a shorter distance to the ground if he were to roll out. If you have a toddler you know how important this is, not only so he doesn’t hurt himself but also it’s one less thing I have to worry about!

When I was searching for his bed, I wanted one that didn’t have a headboard. Might sound strange, but I love it because we’re able to turn it sideways and put the long side up against the wall. This gives him more room to roll around! When he gets older we can easily turn the bed the correct way. For his bedding I went with a light tan quilt from Target that’s easy to wash. My mom used her talent to make him some custom pillows out of a CAT fabric I found on Etsy. 

She also made him some blackout curtains out of the same fabric. Adding this blackout liner from Amazon helps to keep the sunlight out, no one wants their toddler waking up as soon as the sun rises!

I used a large bean bag that we can both fit in, some framed etsy prints, and metal baskets for books to create a simple reading corner.

These wall shelves displaying all his beloved toys are absolutely my favorite part of his room. The idea behind this was to showcase his nicer (pricier) toys in a way that teaches him to handle them with care. Each toy has its own designated spot too so there’s no room to add toys; they have to be switched out. Acquiring piles of toys is easy to do but this approach helps to keep clutter under control, at least in this space! Don’t worry, we still have the toy piles in other areas of our home.

To take the showcase effect to the next level I added these remote controlled battery powered lights. Every night he gets SO excited to see all these lit up when he’s laying in bed. We say goodnight to each toy individually as we shut off each light, which is also a good way to let him know playtime is over.

Seeing the joy on his face when we showed him his room for the first time on his second birthday was so special to me. Creating such a fun, customized space for him made the transition pretty seamless. I can honestly say that after several months of being in the space, the excitement still hasn’t faded. He always wants to show guests his big boy room and will bring it up in conversation. That sure does make me one happy mama!

Shoppable Links

We often get asked where furniture or pieces that we link are from! We plan to share sharing more of these links with you all so you have easy access to finding what you need. Below you’ll find the links for Casen’s Room!

The canopy bed is from Urban Outfitters, but sadly it’s no longer available. But don’t worry, We pulled some similar options for you! 

Beds: Similar 0ption 1, Similar option 2


Light Fixture


Bean Bag

Basket Lights

Art Prints: Bulldozer, Excavator

Shelves (I didn’t use the middle divider in these)

Shelving Lights

Wire Basket Wall Shelves

Fabric for Pillows and Curtains: Curtains, Pillow

Blackout Liner for Curtains


Leather Pulls

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