The Scott Project: Primary Bedroom Remodel

When it comes to some spaces, bigger is not always better- that happened to be the case with our primary bedroom! If you remember, we bought this house from my husband’s grandparents a few years ago. They added a primary bathroom and large walk-in closet to the original home, converting the existing bathroom into additional bedroom space. I know it sounds like a dream to have a large primary bedroom to work with, but it actually made it difficult to arrange furniture and create a functional flow. We also found there wasn’t a spot for a TV, which we needed- we love to cozy up and watch a movie in bed!

We decided to break the space into two smaller areas- using a partition wall in front of the bed to house a fireplace and tv on one side and a coffee bar on the other. It turned out to be the most functional use of space for us and we love it! 

We installed a linear electric fireplace that puts off just the right amount of heat without making the room too hot. We love that it also has the option to turn the flame on without putting off any heat. Our son, Casen, thinks this is the best and is always grabbing the remote to change the flame colors to purple. Who knew… a fireplace AND toddler entertainment!

The next step was adding the coffee bar to the opposite side of the partition. This might seem a bit odd, but let me tell you- I think more people need a coffee bar in their bedroom! When brainstorming how we could use the additional space, we decided adding a lounge area to the bedroom would be a nice touch, and having the coffee bar here is so nice in the morning when I’m getting ready. We really went for it and added a faucet over the fill tank of the Keurig. Adding the plumbing to this wall was actually a nightmare and I almost eliminated it during the process. But my husband was determined to make it happen and I’m so glad he did because my morning self loves the convenience of it!  We replaced the old carpet with laminate flooring that looks like the real hardwood that we have in the rest of the house. Since this flooring doesn’t touch any of the hardwood that we have, I was okay with switching to a different product. Laminate flooring is much more durable than real wood, plus the ease of installation was major for us. Also, the price factor is hard to beat- laminate is much cheaper. 

We painted the walls and trim in the rest of the house white, so we followed the trend here! This really helped to give the space a fresh, updated feel. Seeing how much paint can refresh a space will never get old!

Then we got to move on to the fun part- the finishing touches.

Without a doubt my favorite element of this room is the wallpaper- it’s what started the whole design! It was a splurge for me- for sure more than I like to spend on an individual item, but I just kept coming back to it and knew I needed to have it. I did save on install costs by doing that myself, which helped me justify my purchase. I absolutely love this paper more in person, no buyers remorse here! I’m a huge fan of the black and brown color palette and love all things checkered, so it was right up my alley. 

The ceiling fan over the bed is what I like to call a marriage compromise. A gorgeous fixture would really add to the design of this space but my husband has to sleep with a fan on and I wanted to make the room comfortable for the both of us. Do any other couples have this debate?! I chose an all white fan so that it blends in with the ceiling and doesn’t stand out. Marble sconces on either side of the bed add a bold statement to distract attention from the fan. Then, over the seating area I got my pretty fixture. We kept with the white scheme to balance the spaces.

I started out with all-white curtains but since one long wall is mostly curtains, it felt too bland to me. I brought in these green velvet curtains to add some color to the space and I think it’s exactly what this room needed! 

The seating area looks slightly under-furnished right now because we are still waiting for one more piece to come in (typical design world delays!) but I couldn’t wait any longer to share. I intentionally placed the beautiful large floor mirror opposite the sliding glass door to reflect as much sunlight into the space as possible. Morning coffee in my chair with the light reflecting is pure magic.

Aside from Casen’s room, this is the one room in our house that’s fully complete! I smile on the inside every time I walk in here. I used to hate being in this space and spent very little time here- now it’s my favorite room in the house. We truly created our own personal oasis that works really well for us! See the full gallery here. 

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